Partner with Smokehouse Jerky Co. for a Delicious Business Or Fundraising Opportunity?

business opportunity

We are a fast-growing gourmet beef and bacon company and are always looking for new distributors and retailers to increase their bottom line with our amazing products. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our beef and bacon jerky products, please give us a call at 760-672-3498 or email us at


People are taking advantage of our business/fundraiser opportunity as something to do on the weekends, to subsidize their income or fund an organization trip or goal while others have created a lucrative business opportunity selling jerky. Even though these clients have different reasons for selling jerky, they all have something in common… the desire or need for extra income.


• Most beef jerky sales are impulse purchases
• Demand for beef jerky is high and steady
• Most beef jerky consumers’ expectations have been set LOW
• 1/4 of all households in the U.S.A. purchase meat snacks on a regular basis
• Within the beef jerky market, women and children are a growing segment of the consumers which is trending to be sustainable growth for years to come
• The repeat business of the industry generates consistently growing revenues and profits which makes it a profitable business opportunity.


As consumers become better educated about quality beef jerky they are rejecting the ‘status quo’ beef jerky for higher quality meats and flavors which cost about the same as the old stuff. It just takes a sample of our beef jerky to educate consumers and when we do this, we have customers for life.

Most people buy beef jerky in convenience stores as an impulse item and for decades there has not been many choices. However, that is rapidly changing and awesome beef jerky can be found and bought in those same places and at the same price. A wide selection of high quality beef jerky in well-trafficked areas is the formula for success!


Creating your own brand of jerky follows the popular and growing trend of taking a high quality product and putting your name on it. One of our strengths is quickly, inexpensively and professionally creating brands for major companies and organizations across the country.

We look forward to helping you get started!

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