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Great jerky

Great boysenberry taste and great jerky texture

Thanks Dan. We developed this flavor for Knott's Berry Farm and it is still their top seller. We sell some but I think people are leery to taste it because Boysenberry isn't a flavor you associate with jerky, but man it's good!
Can't Get Enough

I love this jerky. The spices are great, it's gluten free and the fact that it comes from brisket makes it that much better.

We agree Vickie! I LOVE garlic and this jerky is just the right combination of pepper, garlic and the great taste of Brisket. As with all our jerky, even the Carolina Reaper, the full flavor of the meat comes through easily because after all, if we just wanted to taste garlic we would just eat a garlic, right?
This was amazing!!

Came to my door fast and it tasted just like it sounds and it of course tastes amazing. Definitely my favorite flavor of all!

Very good jerky

This jerky has a great taste of orange and pepper. The best way to chew and get the most out of this product is to put in mouth, leave sit on tongue for a few seconds and then chew! This seems to bring out the most flavor from this product. Very good texture also.

Love this jerky

I’m so glad I can order this jerky directly from the store love the texture and flavor

Love This Jerky

This is the only jerky I will eat. It's low in carbs and delieious.

Love the Spicy

Great jerky, tender and just the right amount of spicy-ness. I keep coming back.

Awesome Jerky

My husband says it is awesome. It is a little too spicy for me. But very soft and easy to chew like all your products. Also likes cause it is low sodium.

So Good

I can’t place an order without getting an Ole Cracked Pepper. In fact I get the big bag now because it’s just so good a regular sized bag doesn’t last in my house. This one and the Carne Asada are the standouts for me. And the jerky itself is amazingly fresh and soft. I can’t recommend this one enough.

It’s All Relative

I tasted this one when my brother ordered it. My mouth was ON FIRE. It was so hot to me and even my brother, who for him the spicier the better, was kind of hurting. The flavor was good but I wouldn’t be able to eat more than a tiny piece at a time if I had a bag. However, we took some to my uncle who loves spicy fold and he ate it like it was nothing. I was floored. It literally was TOO spicy for me but they loved it. If you love spicy food you’ll LOVE this jerky.

My Favorite

I just found out about this jerky company from my brother who had tried it at a bar and then made an order. I happened to be at his house when his order arrived and we started tasting all the different flavors he had ordered. First of all, the jerky itself is so fresh and soft. The carne asada was my absolute favorite. It is a little spicy but not bad at all for those who can’t handle really spicy food (like me) But the flavor is just on a whole other level. Just try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Reaper jerky

Jerky was very tender and fresh. Bought the Carolina Reaper jerky, and was very satisfied with the quality and taste. Will definitely be buying some more products from you guys.


Really good jerky but I reacted to the soy in it pretty badly. My own fault i didn't check for that. Let me know if you make a gluten free soy free one.

Hi Cheryl, I'm sorry to hear about your reaction and if it's any comfort our goal is to have all our jerky be gluten and soy free. We are working on recipes but the truth is it is very difficult to produce a product which will maintain our standards of quality, freshness and taste. I have just created an email list, with you as the first name on it, to reach out to others like yourself who are interested in soy free products and should we attain our goals I will be sure to notify you. Thank you for the kind review! Franco
Delicious Jerky

Not only is this jerky incredibly delicious, the customer service is above and beyond standards!

We are so happy you love our jerky Joe and as far as service we are old school in our thinking and we always take care of our customers. We are not just retailers but shoppers too and it's important to us to provide good service because we know how it's quickly becoming a thing of the past. Not from us though!
Not to bad

Tasted like a taco very different may be good may be bad depends on the person but still nice flavor

I tell everyone: 'Wrap the Carne Asada in a tortilla and grab a beer and you've got yourself an awesome meal!'

Great taste couldn't be happier with the flavor simply amazingly good

Awesome Jerky!

Hands down currently the best jerky I have had and its all I am eating. Jerky wise that is. Thank you and keep it up!


Amazing flavor nicely cooked very tender that definitely got some heat to it will not disappoint will be ordering again

Good stuff

Really taste like Barry’s some good meat cut

My take Mango Habanero

Let me start by saying their customer service is first rate. Initially submitted my order then wanted to swap one for another flavor. Made a call and the owner could not have been any more accommodating. This jerky had a surprising amount of heat (still tolerable though) with the nice sweetness of the mango.

Simple is good.

I have tried a few of their flavors and have been pleasantly surprised by the different almost exotic taste. This one however is just plain simple good jerky. Just old-fashioned salt and pepper and soft, tender meat. Perfect for camping, taking with you for road trips, or just sitting back and snacking while watching a movie.


Best Jerky I have ever had. Most all of the flavors of good but this one is just incredible.

Sea salt honey & pepper beef jerky

This one is my favorite. I love it. Great flavor.

Best Jerky Ever!

First bought this at a hotel gift shop and had to look further into the product! This jerky is fresh, moist & flavorful down to the very last crumb! Shipping was very quick also. Will absolutely be ordering again and again!


I bought the small pack with my normal order, just to try a new favor. I finished it off immediately is was so good. Moist and delicious.