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Yummy and more yummy

We have just about made it through all the sample packs and there isn’t one we haven’t liked. We all agree that the tender, non leather, freshness is what we first notice. It will be tough to narrow down our choices for the store!!!


This bacon jerky is so delicious has perfect Siracha flavor

Love this place

I love beef jerky and when i heard of smokehouse i had to try it and really glad i did. Will definitely be buying more

Tasty and yummy

Love the taste of this bacon jerky. Very surprisingly delicious

Delicious as always

The cracked black pepper jerky is as tender and delicious as ever. Smokehouse Jerky is the most flavorful brand of jerky that I have found.

Perfect heat level

Very flavorful and tender

Tender and delicious.

I love the taste and texture. It’s pretty hot but want it to be hotter. Very tender and Delicious. Will definitely buy more.

all great

all of the jerky that we purchased is fantastic. I will be giving this website to aLL OF MY FRIENDS

3.5 due to low heat

Very flavorful, but it was much more sweet than heat. I was expecting it to be hotter because of the habanero.


Tender, and flavorful, but I was hoping for more heat. It seemed to me that the cayenne jerky is hotter.
That being said it has a very good flavor, and there is some good heat there. I'd purchase it again.


Absolutely delicious. My favorite.


Great--tender and delicious flavor


Hi, My husband says it is awesome. Too hot for me.

My favorite

I love the Original, and the Black Pepper! This is, by far, my favorite Jerky brand.

Great Experience

These guys are awesome..Great customer service and most off all Best Jerkey in Country hands down...

Very tasty

Perfect way to get your sweet and salty fix. Really enjoyed this selection

Need more

Very good product. Purchased once in gas station while on a road trip and had to look them up because I wanted to try more.

Top notch flavor

I was wanting a little something after supper so I tried this Applewood bacon and was I impressed. Tender and tangy all mixed together.

Great choice of flavors

This was the first selection I tried and I’m hooked. Not to spicy - just enough kick to make your pallet happy.

Very tasty!

I love BBQ, but bbq bacon? Heaven! This jerky has a little bit of sweetness and bbq all in the same bite. Yum

Great flavors

Sample pack has many amazing flavors. So far all are very tasty!

Great way to try the

This was a great way to see what you like and don’t like so you can by what you like latter caution this jurky is highly addicting

Great awesome taste .

I love the fact that is gluten-free.


The BIZZness , the best beef jerky ever!

Best gift

I bought the jerky to place it in a gidt bag for a friend and was told.....That was the best gift ever. My friend loved it.